Welcome to Loki Pomeranians! Located in south Texas. Some of you may have been looking for my website over the last couple of months. But my geocities webserver had closed, leaving me kind of stranded. I paid for my domain name, but lost all my info, pictures, files, everything I had on geocities.....so am now having to start over!. Please bare with me! I should be up & running again. And still try to update the available page when I can.
**New update 7-6-2014!. My AVAILABLE PAGE! I have 2 gorgeous puppies & one half grown gorgeous tiny male. Must see! The Page is complete with current pictures & info. Please check here, very informative, lots of pictures, parents & puppies! :-)Click HERE!***
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I will be trying to update with lots of info & pictures. Just bare with me. Meanwhile I can e-mail any pictures, information, etc. My phone number is 361-219-8317. & My e-mail is o_tawni@hotmail.com
Also have a couple of adorable rescues! Not dogs, but kittens. Actually very sweet & would make awesome pets. But live outside now, eating well, might make some nice barn cats. I put two up, but there is a total/ litter of 4. All have the same color & markings, but all have different colored eyes,  and most are snow shoed! (extra toes :-) on either front or back, two all four feet. Please e-mail or call me about any, or all - if you might be interested :-). They're free to a good home. I am paying for all their shots & stuff now. But if someone wanted them fixed before they went to new home, we could work something out.